Viapori dockyard – a bridge to the future. Jacopo Brancati, photographs.

The Viapori dockyard has continued operating in Suomenlinna, off the coast of Helsinki, for almost three centuries. Where galleys and archipelago frigates were once built, ships of historical value are now repaired and restored.

The future is being built on the basis of the past at the Viapori dockyard – a cultural tradition is being preserved for the future. In the Viapori dockyard, exhibits from Finland's rich history of maritime traditions are brought together in a single place.

A photograph exhibition allows you to explore the dockyard's busy life. Sounds and music come together to create the atmosphere. The historical section presents the history of wooden sailing vessels from the early 1900s to the 1970s. The photographs explore the passion for sailing, the skills and the friendship that maintain the tradition.

The French Infine Arts art group designed the exhibition. All of the photographs are by Jacopo Brancati and the texts are by Sonia Olcese. Arja Kastinen created the sound installation and composed and performed the music.

The exhibition was produced by the Viaporin Telakka (Viapori Dockyard) Association. The Maritime Museum of Finland, the European Maritime Heritage Association, the French magazine Chasse-Marée and The Society of Swedish Literature in Finland also participated in the project.

Jacopo Brancati has photographed and worked in Finland since 2006. Over the past 10 years he has written several articles for the Italian magazine Arte Navale and French magazine Chasse-Marée about Finnish maritime cultural heritage. More information on the Infine Arts website »

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