Small Ships, Great Stories

Ahoy, a ship on the horizon! A fleet of scale models showcases the 100-year history and development of Finnish seafaring in celebration of the centenary of Finland’s independence. The exhibition features a great number of scale models from the collections of both the Maritime Museum of Finland and various maritime organisations. Many of these models are on display for the first time.

The exhibition’s humane stories shine a light on some lesser-known facts from the history of seafaring in Finland. For example, they will reveal why Viking Line’s boats are red and why the state flag of Finland was replaced by a white tablecloth on the flagpole of the icebreaker Tarmo in 1918.

Small Ships, Great Stories is a visual experience for people of all ages – you should set aside plenty of time for examining the details on the scale models! The exhibition also provides a great deal of information on the history of Finnish seafaring and individual vessels.

The exhibition is produced by the Maritime Museum of Finland in cooperation with the Finnish Maritime Society, and it is part of the programme for the centenary of Finland’s independence.


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