Come Hell or High Water


Andy Best's and Merja Puustinen's exhibition Come Hell or High Water, presents two large installations that question the roles and relationship between humanity and nature, in particular the Sea. Our local sea, The Baltic, is one of the most highly polluted seas in the world. Although it is surrounded by advanced western nations, poisonous blue algae and lack of oxygen in the water are the result of too little being done to save the sea.

Rip tide is a large abstract breaking wave created as a bouncy castle. The surface of the sculpture has video imagery of plastic pollution from around the world. As visitors bounce and climb on the sculpture they become part of this quagmire. Similar plastic ends up eaten by humans as it passes through the food chain to us. Our children and future generations are facing the consequences of our polluted environment.

Echos from the Deep is a breathing, air-filled sculpture taking its form from the tragically lost Russian nuclear submarine Kursk. The surface of the sculpture is printed with a rich tapestry of images.

Andy Best and Merja Puustinen are artists, researchers, curators and art educators. They live in Espoo and have made installations, media art and environmental art since 1992 and exhibited widely in Finland and internationally. Puustinen is an artistic and cultural/political researcher and doctoral candidate at The University of the Arts, Helsinki. Best is lecturer in sculpture and a doctoral researcher at Aalto University. The joyful, inflatable sculptures made by Andy and Merja draw the viewer in to sense the art with their entire body.


Andy Best ja Merja Puustinen installaatio Merikeskus Vellamossa



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