Vivid experiences for all senses

Maritime Centre Vellamo has worked hard to ensure excellent accessibility. The exhibitions in the conveniently designed building can be experienced by viewing, reading, listening and touching.

Parking spaces for people with disabilities are located near the main entrance of the centre and
they are marked with the International Symbol of Access.

Admission for assistants is free.
Admission to the exhibitions is free for everyone on Wednesdays from 5pm to 8pm.

Guide dogs and assistance dogs are welcome.

An accessible toilet/child care room is located in the coat rack area of the entrance lobby.

Magnifying glasses and flash lights can be borrowed from the ticket sales counter.
A wheelchair, walker and adjustable crutches are also available to borrow.

The entrance features an automatic door and a lift provides access to the ticket sales lobby on the second floor.

The ticket sales area features a movable induction loop while the auditorium and class rooms are equipped with a fixed loops.
In order to hear the guide’s speech, a neckloop or headphones that amplify the guide’s voice can be borrowed from the ticket sales counter.