Lighthouses and lighted beacons are a part of our architectural and cultural history, maritime history and sea safety. They are home islands, fixed points, memories and, in many cases, also battle grounds and innocent victims of the war years. Some lighthouses have vanished from view as a result of storms and destruction. Wars have also taken their toll: lighthouses were demolished by Finnish troops and some also by the enemy. The majority of the lost Finnish lighthouses were, however, lost in connection with the cession of territory as a result of the terms of peace.

A part of the charm of lighthouses lies in their massive size and also their location on remote rocks, at the mercy of the weather. Also the lifestyle of lighthouse islets, life on the rough rocks surrounded by the sea, isolated from the rest of society, has helped shape the mythical aspect of lighthouses.

Many of the lost lighthouses are familiar, at least by name: Suursaari, Hanhipaasi and Ruuskeri. For some of the lighthouses, only the foundation exists today, but some are still in existence. The exhibition, produced by Forum Marinum, is based on a nonfictional book by the same title by Johanna Pakola and Seppo Laurell.

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