Unexpected points of view.

The Maritime Museum of Finland and the Kymenlaakso Museum enable visitors to see their own and their family’s lives as part of the flow of history. There are no ready-made answers, no single truths – just food for thought. Personal experiences help us to link the past to the present and the future.

Activities, experiences and accessibility are all important at the museums. The Exhibitions invite you to listen, look, smell, feel and play. Go through them all, or pick out what pleases you most! A single ticket will provide you with access to all of Vellamo’s exhibitions.

Safe space for everyone


Maritime Centre Vellamo is for all of us. Together, we make sure that everyone feels safe.

We are considerate, kind and helpful. We respect and listen to others.

We give everyone space and peace to enjoy the exhibitions in their own way.

No one is bullied, harassed or discriminated against. For any reason.

Everyone is welcome as they are. Everyone is valuable.

We at Vellamo are here for you. We will do our best to make sure you feel seen and heard. Please let us know if you need help or notice that someone else could use a hand.

The Maritime Museum of Finland

is part of the National Museum of Finland. It tells stories of Finnish seafaring that is, by definition, highly international. The sea is used to transport people, goods and ideas near and far, even to the edges of the earth.

The Kymenlaakso Museum

serves as the city museum of Kotka and the regional museum of Kymenlaakso. It tells stories about celebrations and everyday toil, and about the river and sea and life in a rough port town.

The Coast Guard Museum

introduces the history of the maritime operations of the Finnish Border Guard, from the prohibition era to the present day. The Coast Guard Museum was built in cooperation with the Finnish Border Guard.