Learning in a fun environment: Vellamo’s many permanent and temporary exhibitions offer something for everyone!

Current exhibitions

Fateful Svensksund9.6.2020-17.1.2027

Fateful Svensksund

Experience the Maritime Centre Vellamo’s most impressive and influential exhibition yet! The Fateful Svensksund exhibition is a never-before-seen dive into the Svensksund naval battles, the largest ever in the Baltic Sea, fought just off the coast of Kotka. The...

I do! Stories of Love.7.6.2019–30.10.2022

I do! Stories of Love.

What would life be without love or the daily life without a little celebration? Love and celebration meet at the I do! Stories of Love exhibition, where visitors get to admire Kymenlaakso region’s wedding gowns and love stories from the past 100 years. The feel-good...

Sea Monsters12.4.2019–16.1.2022

Sea Monsters

When the earth was flat and the seas teemed with monsters... The monsters of old naval charts have been brought to life and made concrete: Come in, explore and play! The Sea Monsters exhibition will take you to the dangerous waters of the Carta marina map from 1539....

Play TownPlay Town for children. Enjoy!

Play Town
Play Town for children. Enjoy!

Time flies at Play Town in Vellamo. Drive a bus or a tractor, play in the small market stall or kitchen! Maritime Centre Vellamo also has many other things to see and do for people of all ages. Can you find all activity points at Vellamo? There are a lot of them,...

Glass for Everyone – Karhula 1889–200919.5.2017–31.1.2022

Glass for Everyone – Karhula 1889–2009

The Karhula glassworks (1889–2009) was one of Finland’s most important glassworks. In the 1930s, Karhula played a key role as Finnish glass design discovered its own language of expression and made its international breakthrough. Although art glass was important,...

Boat HallAn impressive collection of boats from different decades

Boat Hall
An impressive collection of boats from different decades

Beautiful boats and coast guard equipment Boat Hall exhibits an impressive collection of boats from different decades. They have been used for racing and leisure cruising, military and coast guard operations, fishing and rescuing. The centre stage in Boat Hall is...



Glimpses into the history of Kotka and Kymenlaakso Mosaic provides different and even surprising glimpses into the history of Kotka and Kymenlaakso. The aim is to highlight themes, items and pictures from our collections that have not previously been on display in...

North Star, Southern Cross

North Star, Southern Cross

The sea conveys. At the Maritime Museum of Finland you can travel on the surface and in the depths. The sea is a medium for people, goods and ideas.  At the Maritime Museum of Finland you can travel on the sea through time and place, on ships, at ports, in distant...

Upcoming exhibitions



A group exhibition by six artists, Natures is built around the theme of landscape. In their exhibition works, each member of the group presents their own view on the theme. Nature grows and shapes itself over time, disintegrates, runs wild and assembles itself into...

Past exhibitions

Icebreaker Tarmo7.6.-31.8.2021

Icebreaker Tarmo

The Tarmo is open 7.6.-15.8.2021 Mon-Sun 10am-6pm, 16.-31.8. Tue-Sun 10am-5pm. The admission fee to Tarmo is €5. Admission is free of charge for Museum Card holders and people under 18. Welcome! You can now enjoy a 360-degree virtual tour onboard the Tarmo! The script...

From the Soil11.9.-29.11.2020

From the Soil

When you look at the curves of your body, what do you see? A fell and northern lights, pores and bone shapes? ANTOcollective’s From the Soil exhibition examines the human body, seeking landscape-like qualities and abstract shapes. The pictures, videos and soundscape...

Washed Ashore. Photographs by Johanna Sandin.1.9.-1.11.2020

Washed Ashore. Photographs by Johanna Sandin.

As I have walked along the beaches of my hometown Hanko with my camera in hand, I have become increasingly aware of the plastic and other debris lying around. More and more often I have had to remove disturbing colorful plastic objects from an otherwise scenic...

Starry Night – paintings by Maaria Märkälä5.6.-30.8.2020

Starry Night – paintings by Maaria Märkälä

Maaria Märkälä (born 1964) is a landscape painter whose paintings are inspired by her own everyday life and trips abroad. For Märkälä, the entire painting process is a form of slow travel. Märkälä’s characteristic pink and green rhododendrons have recently started to...

Living Images, Yeastograms6.9.–1.12.2019

Living Images, Yeastograms

The Living Images Research Center opens to the Kymenlaakso Museum, Maritime Centre Vellamo on the 6th of September 2019. The exhibition includes the latest research results on yeastograms and older prints of yeast photographs. There will be real living images, the...

Harbor27.4.2018 – 12.8.2018

27.4.2018 – 12.8.2018

Satu Loukkola, Tiina Salmi, Jouni Salonen and Annukka Visapää Sculptures, graphics and photographs Harbour. It can represent safety, a destination, mobility and variety. People arrive in the harbour and depart from it. Sometimes it is calm, other times windy. It is...

Great Coastal Road 4.12.2015-30.9.2018

Great Coastal Road 

From riding trail to Coastal Road, from Coastal Road to motorway. Road, road-builders and travellers. Straight and flat. That is what the E18 motorway is like, taking drivers speedily across southern Finland. People have been making their way on this road since the...

Body Sensing 8.2.–28.4.2019

Body Sensing

This exhibition produced by the Pori Centre for Children’s Culture and the Pori Art Museum and organised by curator Päivi Setälä reflects the meaning of bodily knowledge and the senses. This exhibition makes noises, smells and feels. The...

Sex and the Sea15.6.2018 – 20.1.2019

Sex and the Sea
15.6.2018 – 20.1.2019

A pin-up girl’s picture on a cabin wall speaks of longing during an excruciatingly slow ocean voyage. This exhibition, put together by international top-level artists Saskia Boddeke and Peter Greenaway, studies the loneliness, lust and eroticism amongst sailors Since...

Lost Lighthouses18.5.2018 – 20.1.2019

Lost Lighthouses
18.5.2018 – 20.1.2019

Lighthouses and lighted beacons are a part of our architectural and cultural history, maritime history and sea safety. They are home islands, fixed points, memories and, in many cases, also battle grounds and innocent victims of the war years. Some lighthouses have...



I and we. The Museum of Kymenlaakso examines the human need to be part of a group but also true to oneself. “Who wouldn’t want to leave their own permanent mark on the world? As long ago as the Stone Age, people left painted handprints on cliffs and thus lived on for...