Join us on an exploration of emotions! Now I love is a captivating multisensory art adventure where you get to immerse yourself in different emotions safely by the power of your imagination.

The brightly coloured parasol of joy swirls around amidst books while anger flares in black and red. Blue sorrow is stored away in the bottle of tears and invisible creepy crawlers climb up and down the hallway of horrors. Finding a lovey-dovey picture on the wall of a kissing booth makes you feel all warm and fuzzy.

Now I love is an exhibition produced by the Oulu-based Enchanted Words – a literary arts festival for children and young people. The exhibition is based on a book by the same title by Eppu Nuotio and Liisa Kallio. The book also includes literary art exercises by Anna Anttonen and Kati Inkala.

Kutsu ystäväsi mukaan :)