Naive art tells us about the joy of living. The collection of Heinänen Art Foundation records the breakthrough decades of naive art with its key illustrators, techniques and themes. The foundation’s collection of naive art belongs to the collection of Oulu Museum of Art.

All naive artists have their own unique art style, but it is often precise and meticulous. Traces of realism or even surrealism can be found in naive art. A naive artist enjoys rich details, decorativeness and colourism. Many of the works depict nature, people and idylls. The exhibition at Vellamo features art from 19 Finnish artists.

Aira and Kalevi Heinänen amassed a considerable collection of art between the 1960s and the 1980s. Their intention was to possibly donate the art collection to a museum for everyone to enjoy, and the foundation organised a variety of events and created networks for procuring works. They ultimately donated 145 works to Oulu Museum of Art in 1987.

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