Juha Metso, Marjo Näkki and Mika Rokka have documented for future generations what remains of the outer islands lost to the Soviet Union in the Winter War: Suursaari, Lavansaari, Tytärsaari and Seiskari.

They have collected unique photography and video material showcasing the islands’ nature and current residents as well as the mark that Finnish people have left on the islands and their surroundings in the past.

Unlike Karelia, the eastern islands in the Gulf of Finland appear erased from the collective memory of Finns. You notice the islands if you fly over them and Suursaari can be seen from the port of Kotka, but the significance of the areas has been forgotten.

Today, the islands – especially Suursaari – have gained topical importance, as Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine has increased tensions in the Baltic Sea and at the end of the Gulf of Finland as well. The islands are no longer accessible due to their strategic importance and related military activities.

Juha Metso is an award-winning photographer, artist and director, Marjo Näkki is a journalist and non-fiction writer, and Mika Rokka is a documentarist, writer and photographer specialised in nature subjects.

The exhibition has received state funding from the Finnish Heritage Agency.

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