I love swimming in the gentle waters of lakes and snorkelling at the shores of salty seas.

The Surrounded by Hydrosphere exhibition showcases the water-themed works of Johanna Rytkölä, a long-time ceramic artist and sculptor, in the Museum of Kymenlaakso.

The hydrosphere consists of all water in the world: the seas, lakes, rivers, brooks, ponds, magmatic water, glaciers and water in vegetation and the atmosphere.

The abstract sculptures combine the enchanting beauty of seas and other bodies of water and the repulsiveness of environmental disasters. Rytkölä combines her own realisations with imaginative defined shapes and vibrant colours. The works reflect positivity as optimism is required to achieve great things.

Johanna Rytkölä uses clay as her main material. The works are finished off with oily, splattered and dripping glazes. Matt surfaces contrast the shiny metallic details.

The sculptures of Johanna Rytkölä (born 1956) are part of several collections in Finland and abroad. She has won international awards, been part of joint and group exhibitions around the world and held several solo exhibitions.

Johanna Rytkölä’s website

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